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Unlock your DVD player and make it region free!

Your DVD player is limited. Right now, it can only play videos from your region. If you live in the United States, you’re limited to playing pricey DVDs from region 1 (U.S. and Canada). And if you live in the United Kingdom, you’re trapped in expensive region 2 (Europe). Australia is trapped into region 4 and so on. But what if you want to play any of the thousands of cheap DVDs imported from any of the other regions? You need to make your DVD player region free.

There are many standalone DVD players available on the market today, and with a little help from some simple easy to follow methods, almost all of these can be altered to become multi-region. You can either spend a bundle of money getting your DVD illegally chipped and devoid your manufacturers warranty. Or you can read on our pages how to do this without pening your standalone DVD player. And you can do this for FREE!!!

You probably already know how the DVD region system works. The world is split into six regions, dependant on how affluent that part of the world is. The U.S. comes in as region 1 (very expensive DVDs) whereas China is region 6 (highly inexpensive DVDs). You can see world map divided into regions here.

Why bother dividing the world like this? Because it supposedly stops region 1 and 2 viewers buying those five dollar “other region” DVDs you see in video stores, flea markets and for sale on the Internet. The DVD creators think that people living in countries with a strong economy should pay more. But with codes you can find on our pages you can legally beat the system without even opening your machine. This means you will be able to play discs purchased from not only in the America, but also a far wider selection in the Europe and Asia too. Choice is good, and if you have one of the players listed on our pages, you are legally entitled to follow the links to a page which will describe how you may alter the settings of your DVD machine. After applying the correct “multi-region procedure”, you are then perfectly legally entitled to import many discs from other countries and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. Of course the exception is any footage that would be illegal to your country.

DVD players are all the same! All the top models allow you to enter secret DVD “region free codes” through the remote to instantly unlock your player – allowing you to play any DVD from any part of the world, regardless of region or how you you paid for it! Before now, very few would unveil these backdoors. Now you can find and use these backdoors and make you DVD player region free. On our pages you can find region free codes for over 1000 standalone DVD players, making them region free in seconds! Codes are collected from meny different sources, and verified by us.

The real question however is can your player be made region free with our DVD region free codes? Simply browse this simple alphabetical list to find your make and model. If it’s listed, then you will find exact instructions on how to unlock it in seconds. Whilst we made every effort to ensure that the information contained inside these pages is both accurate and up-to-date, we take no responsibility and accept no liability for any damage caused from applying these procedures as laid down on these pages.