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Welcome to Classic Books site, place with completely free public domain books from a variety of different authors collected here for you to read online or offline. Public domain books are copywrite books that is past the copywrite date, which means everyone can reproduce it without paying royalties.

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    Public Domain also means no copyright is attached. You are free to reproduce it and republish it as you see fit. So you can legally take the text of a Public Domain book (such as the Bible) and copy it onto your website. Any book which is in Public Domain has either no copyright or had a copyright and that copyright has expired. All books written before 1900 (such as works by Shakespeare, Dickens, Melville, etc.) are past copyright and hence public domain.

    Books written in the last century may or may not be public domain. It would depend on when it was written and whether it is still in print (and whether the author has chosen to keep the copyright on the book).

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    She pressed the mulch around the base of a small boxwood she had transplanted from Epping Forest to the yard.
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  • I certainly think most among us would agree that your interest in such matters is charming.
  • I don t expect you to owe me anything at all.
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  • Seriously, she couldn t imagine a worst specimen for mankind.
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  • Although, he was overwhelmed with relief when Lucas appeared several hours ago, he was still harboring some anger towards him at being foolish.
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  • One girl in particular stood directly before him, so close that the swell of her skirts brushed his legs.
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  • I don t, he replied, his voice sharp and his eyes piercing. Megan grunted and turned her attention to the horse pulling a buggy down the street.
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